What is UI Design, and How Can Designli Help?

What is UI design? Well if you’re here, there’s a good chance you already know what a UI is.  It stands for User Interface, and it is arguably the most important aspect of any digital product — it is the graphics and complete visuals of what you are using, and is especially vital for mobile applications.

UI design is one of the most important aspects of app development, and in the current app market places, a “decent,” good UI doesn’t cut it anymore. You need something extraordinary to set your app apart from the millions (quite literally) of other apps out there. When you look at an app, a User Interface is the first impression that a user gets before they even interact with your app. It’s kind of like that first handshake with someone you are doing business with. Did the businessman give you a dead fish handshake and look off in the distance, or was it a firm hand shake and he looked you in the eye? First impressions mean everything. Graphics mean everything.

Designlico Promo What is UI Design, and How Can Designli Help?

We want to show you why you need to worry about what true UI design is, and why you don’t want to skimp on it when it comes to your app. It is equally as important as developing and marketing. In the past, you may have been able to get away with a UI that wasn’t amazing, but in the current app-saturated market, you’ll need to stand out. If you look at the majority of the apps that are out there that make it big, they all feature absolutely gorgeous graphic design. There are obviously exceptions, but most of your big players that make or sell for millions all have several things in common. One of those things is that they are gorgeous looking, and are intuitive. Don’t stack the deck against yourself, and make sure to invest the money in a UI that will help make your app a success.

If you understand the importance of a great UI, then our company is here to help you out. Say hello to Designli (http://designli.co). Designli is a division of the Applits App idea Competition (http://applits.com). Applits got so much positive feedback on our user interface design that we launched Designli so that we could help people like to get an app user interface that not only your users would love, but something you were proud to call your own. Our team of designers are experts in the industry, and our work proves that. Our goal is to bring you the best user interfaces on the market, with benefits that the competition can’t bring to the table. We eat, sleep, and breath apps, and we’d be embarrassed if one of our UI’s didn’t blow your socks off (figuratively speaking of course). Did I mention we are fun to work with us well? Before we get into some other reasons why you should choose Designli, just take a look at a couple of screens from some projects we have worked on:

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What is UI design? We think we have an idea icon wink What is UI Design, and How Can Designli Help? Picking colors that appeal to people is only a tiny part of making a UI that appeals to a user. You want your UI to be straight forward, as well as beautiful.


RT What is UI Design, and How Can Designli Help?

We understand how to bring the most function to your app without making it cluttered. Contextual menus are a great way to accomplish this.


The above are only two examples of our portfolio of gorgeous app user interfaces. Many more can be found on the our website, and even upon request. Either way, no point in boring you more on about why our UI’s are great. We think images like those above can do the talking for us. But why should you choose Designli over Odesk or Elance, or another development firm? There are a lot of reason, but here are some of the big ones.

Trust - Here’s a big one. With Designli, you’re getting everything you’d expect from a reliable company. We hear from people all of the time about how bad their experience was with freelancers on Odesk and Elance. Contractors on those sites might be inexpensive, but you’re very likely to run into designers and developers charging you much more by requesting additional pay once you’re already half way through the project.  It happens on these sites all of the time. Don’t fall victim to something like this. Trust is everything.

Quality - The main reason why you should choose Designli. You’re getting a UI that is the Mercedes Benz of UI’s. They are top of the line, cream of the crop, crème de la crème, the … you get the idea. All kidding aside, we are very proud of our work, and we want you to be proud of your app.

Flexibility /Cost - You want the most for your money, and you don’t like people telling you no. We get that. Whether you’re a startup, or a Fortune 500 company, you want to get your money’s worth. That’s why Designli only deals with flat rate design. What does this mean? It means we charge you a flat fee, no mater how many changes you want to make to your UI when we design it. With freelancers or other design firms, changes like these will likely cost you an arm and a leg. Our philosophy is that if you don’t love it the first time, you shouldn’t be charged for the second revision  or the third, or forth, or tenth. It won’t come to that since we know you’ll love what you get, but it’s a guarantee you just can’t beat.

Personality – Everyone is different. The same goes for apps, and each one has it’s own personality, requirements, and target markets. We understand that, and we will design a UI that has as much personality as you do.

Connections – “It’s not what you do, but who you know.”  Although that doesn’t always hold true, there is definitely some truth to this. Connections are no substitute to hard work, however, Designli can connect you with one of our development partners to develop the back-end of your app. If you need a coder on top of a UI, we’ll hook you up. Our partners are versed in all types of apps. They are some of the coolest, and most reliable people we have ever met, and we wouldn’t sell these services if we thought otherwise. You won’t get this with another UI design firm.


If all of this doesn’t convince you to have Designli build you something gorgeous for your app project, or if you have any questions, then head on over to our User Interface Design website. Drop us a message with your project details, or just to say hi and connect. We look forward to meeting you icon smile What is UI Design, and How Can Designli Help?

Designlico Promo What is UI Design, and How Can Designli Help?

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